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To log in on web site, you need to have registred nick at our irc services.
To do that, point your browser to, type your nick, connect, if nick is already registred, use /nick new_nick to change nick, then:
/msg NickServ register password e-mail
where password is password you want and e-mail is mail you own.
One minute after that, anope will update user database and you will be able to log onto web site.

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In case you have problems with loading site try alternative version:
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Title: The Very First!
Hello WORLD!!! from my very first python-ba...
I've managed to set up web server with https://www...
Title: test-will -reedit
just test thingy...
let's see how it will look in preview :D
Title: Project: Turbulences
The Turbulences
This is project that I am working on for last few ...
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