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Extra Swap space for nokia n9

Since nokia n9 comes with 1GB of ram and only 256MB of swap it is very nice to extend this.
Well, it will come with sideeffects...though

First, you will have to be root, second, you will have to create empty file on your mass memory, assuming double ram size (2GB):
dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/user/MyDocs/.swap0 bs=1024 count=2097152

mkswap /home/user/MyDocs/.swap0
*2097152 is 2GB; 1048576 is 1GB; 524288 is 512MB; (XMB *1024 = XB)

then, you will want to put further codes into /bin/ or some other place in PATH dirs of root...

swapon /home/user/MyDocs/.swap0
setswap download

swapoff /home/user/MyDocs/.swap0

rmswap download

or for example:

sudo su
echo #!/bin/sh\nswapon /home/user/MyDocs/.swap0\n>/usr/bin/setswap0
chmod +x /usr/bin/setswap0
echo #!/bin/sh\nswapoff /home/user/MyDocs/.swap0\n>/usr/bin/rmswap0
chmod +x /usr/bin/rmswap0

Now, you can add swap on need by simple typint "sudo setswap0" and remove it by "sudo rmswap0"
if you are more lazy, you also can add "autorun" script that will mount swap0 on boot like:

description "additional swap file for harmattan"
author "wook dot ba at gmail dot com"
stop on stopping xsession
console none
nice 2

env DISPLAY=:0.0

pre-start script
swapon /home/user/MyDocs/.swap0
end script
swap-add.conf download


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