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You got bad pencil? How to know?

Bad pencil

If someone is qualified to speak about pencils, then it is the one who uses them a lot for drawing. He is the one who knows all about them.

The most important part in pencil is actually the graphite, you might have already assumed that, but what you probably don't know is that pencil makers use glue to make the pencil more solid and prevent breaking of the graphite. With glued graphite through the entire wood shell, the graphite has more grip and is less breakable, no matter how much pressure is applied.
It is simple solution, however sometimes it creates huge issue.
Since the making of the wooden shells of the pencils is automatized. The result is that the wood is cut across its fibers and next glued on its cut side to the graphite.
Eventually, each time the pencil is sharpened, the fibers crack lengthwise and in consequence, the graphite is cracked also.

However, this can be avoided, by carefully sharpening, using a knife or a very sharp blade.

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