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About Stwoo

Stwoo became from stupid (stupid > s2pit > stwoo.pit > stwoo), at that time, it was Graffiti crew tag name.

yeah, that's me...:D

Anyhow, I do some stupid things with machines, like hardcode-ing (code with garbage for making it harder to understand), assembling, disassembling, reverse engineering, designing, drawing...but, I like the most to play with unix (more than with linux). In my opinion, *nix is best to start with.

This website is hosted at my home, on very lame connection (about
/384kbps uplink).
Operating System is FreeBSD 9.0, address is dynamic...
I used to run Karrigell web server, but, seems like Karrigell is not for unix, at least I had problems (works fine on debian), like crashing because of too many requests, non closed threads, unable to write to sock file....bla bla bla, last one (before I gave up on it) was on IP change, only solution was to rewrite it with Twisted, and I don't have nerves to do such so I installed Apache with mod_python.
This machine is also runing some other services like ircd and ip updaters (3 of em)...and not giving me any headaches about performance, so, BSD rocks :)

Site is developed in python, most of it, rest is raw txt and graphics :D
mod_python is really fast and I am shocked by it's performance.
I am hosting some other websites here too, so, it was lot of work to make all works very fine :)

Components used in this site:
  • Easy Slides
  • Smooth Menu
  • Prettify
  • Lightbox 2
  • LightIRC
  • jQuery Snowfall 1.5
  • Country Flag Icon Set
  • Font Aaargh by Tup Wanders

*in no way I or this site is related to any of projects listed above*

  • Problems with loging in
  • Info about logo
  • HostNames and browsers
  • Visitor Counter

under construction
FreeBSD Apache Free DNS

under construction
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