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 Last night (10.10.2013.), in a middle of doing scp upload everything colapsed we are, in the beginning.
I hope I will be able to remake most of code until winter. so far, main construction of application works, and it's compatible with lost one.

 RIP bro, Paizul Ahmad.

  • Optimisation of website for mobile phones under development
  • Experiencing issues with power failures + cmos battery needs to be replaced anytime soon.
  • 14h downtime experienced due to problems with ISP and upgrades

  • Karrigell fully replaced as framework.
Still needs to: remake news,
fix problem with easyslides, sitemap (xml version), robots.txt, system info, gallery, qwebirc/lightirc somehow maybe or replace it with xmpp.

 This web site is currently under development.
Running karrigell @ | with pih - python inside html and hip

Running Apache with mod_python - not so easy to addopt, a lot easier to make from scratch.
If you are interested in anything you can mail me at wook [dot] ba [at] gmail [dot] com
I am unable to determinate when things will work.

Best regards,


Visitor counter under development.

  • Site redesign in progress, Apache is totally stable, so far, and i don't see issues with it so far.

  • Moved from Karrigell to Apache and from OpenBSD to FreeBSD.

  • Own reCaptcha - PyCaptcha implementation by using Python Imaging is done and can be tested in Contact page.

  • Noise problem removed, Cooler Master fan seems to work like charm and there's no noise any more.

under construction
FreeBSD Apache Free DNS

under construction
In case you have problems with loading site try alternative version:
mobile version (under construction) | desktop version
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